A novel from Natalie Meg Evans is an epic journey, built around a female character locked in a struggle for independence and to realise her creative dreams.  Where do these stories come from? 


Perhaps from a pivotal event just days after Natalie’s sixth birthday when her dad was killed in a car accident. The event not only robbed Natalie of a beloved friend, but engulfed her family in trauma. As children do, Natalie found security in reading, and in her imagination. Her favourite reading was adventure stories, ‘running away’ stories and history. If it could all be packed into one book, all the better.


Alix Gower and Coralie de Lirac, Natalie’s most recent heroines, are gutsy young women who have a lot to deal with but never lose sight of life’s most vital ingredients; rewarding work, love and integrity.




The story


Acting in the theatre and playwriting, a five-year stint in Public Relations followed by ten years as a freelance copywriter, formed Natalie’s professional background. Just as important is her life as a mother and her love of nature and the English countryside, and fascination with texiles and things vintage.
A visit to Paris at the age of 14 was Natalie’s first view of a city that has inspired her writing. Both The Dress Thief and The Milliner’s Secret are set in the City of Light.

Her first novel, The Dress Thief, was published in June 2014 having won the Harry Bowling prize and the UK Festival of Romance readers’ award for the best historical novel. She was awarded 3rd place in the RWA’s Golden Pen award, and also picked up a nomination for a coveted Daphne du Maurier award. She is a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart© finalist, and The Dress Thief is currently nominated for a RITA© (Romance Writers of America) for ‘best first book’.


Few words from Natalie

“I’ve done many jobs in my time; acting, public relations, book keeping, bar work, cleaning and even, one long-ago summer, selling encyclopaedias door-to-door. My success rate in that job – zero. Not a single leather-bound tome sold. Partly because I hated the work and it showed, and partly because I always agreed with potential customers. The books were incredibly expensive. If paid for by instalment over five years, they would gobble a large chunk of an average salary, never mind bend any shelf they were put on. I had no idea back then that the internet age was looming, revolutionising learning and fact-gathering. I look back in satisfaction, knowing that my lousy sales technique saved families a lot of money. Full-time novel writing is the job I always wanted and I feel incredibly lucky finally to be doing it. I’ve picked up some knocks and bruises along the way, some insights and a certain ‘craftiness’, by which I mean, a passion for writing gripping stories. I love it when readers tell me they became immersed in my book, had to be dragged away from the page by partners or children. Every novel is a journey and I hope you will share my characters’ tribulations, fall in love with them, laugh and perhaps even cry along the way.”

Natalie Meg Evans


from the desk of Natalie Meg Evans...


Reader reviews

  • “I was pulled into this book by the cover, then I read the synopsis, and then the reviews, and was swayed to buy it, and I was glad I did (stayed up til 2am to finish it)… READ MORE

    Lady Scarlett • A must read
  • “The Dress Thief is a gripping, exciting, informative, intelligent book. Natalie Meg Evans’ colourful and vibrant descriptions of the world of Paris fashion inspire to learn more – even a fashion amateur like I am, can say that… READ MORE

    DomDom • The Dress Thief would make a fantastic film!
  • “The story is unusual, with many twists and turns. I was quite spellbound by it. I look forward to the next novel by this author. Will recommend it… READ MORE

    Christine Cooper • An enchanting book!
  • “A compelling read. I also particularly liked the notes in the back – a lovely touch! I’d recommend it for anyone with an interest in fashion or history, or indeed anyone who likes books with a strong, interesting heroine… READ MORE

    Helen Carey • A great read
  • “In The Dress Thief, Natalie Meg Evans has created characters I cared about and an exciting story, part romance, part adventure, which kept me in suspense to the very end. If you like your heroines to be independent and courageous, you’ll love Alix Gower, the dress thief of the title… READ MORE

    Pam Smith • An exciting, romantic read
  • “I was so wrapped up in the detail, I couldn’t wait to turn each page. Natalie Meg Evans brings vividly to life, in Alix’s story, the courage, tenacity and downright talent of the great women coutouriers who brought fashion to the forefront (and eventually the store front) of the world. Can’t wait to read her next offering!… READ MORE

    Anon • Enthralling




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