Natalie Meg Evans

Natalie Meg Evans is the best-selling author of The Dress Thief, The Milliner’s Secret and A Gown of Thorns.

The Wardrobe Mistress coming in 2017

What is The Milliner’s Secret?  Londoner Cora Masson aspires to be a milliner to the Parisian elite. But girls from her background can only dream, can’t they . . .

“Suddenly, they were moving towards her. Had Jac seen something in her face to threaten him? Was he stoking his anger to justify an explosion of violence? Cora knew that her father meant to harm her and that the woman beside him wouldn’t stop him. If anything, her coy smile was egging him on. Go on Jac, she seemed to be saying. You’ve done it before.

Cora saw the game’s end quite clearly. ‘Get out!’ a voice screamed in her head. She dropped her torch and ran. Outside, confused by the dark, she dithered, then let her feet do the thinking. She ran towards Bermondsey Street and Pettrew’s. If necessary, she could scale the hat factory wall and hide in one of its outbuildings. At Pettrew’s gates, she listened for the sounds of pursuit.

All she could hear was her own heart. She said farewell to the chimneys and the forbidding, black windows, knowing she’d sewn her last hatband in that place – never would she be assistant forelady under Miss McCullum. Her next stop was Paris . . . ”

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